The Self-Playing Bugle That Will Always Work

Solemn Tribute Inc. was founded on a singular, heartfelt mission: to ensure all Veterans receive Taps at their funeral. We believe their unyielding service to the nation deserves nothing less than a perfect, dignified farewell. Recognizing live musicians may not always be available, we introduced the TAPS BUGLE – Patent pending. The TAPS BUGLE is an acceptable method, both dignified and solemn, in appearance and sound. A superior instrument that utilizes updated technology in providing this military honor. No failure of batteries during a performance and no inserts that may fall out. A rechargeable battery draws power from a USB outlet found in any vehicle. A revolutionary device that allows anyone to render a flawless and emotional rendition of Taps. We stand committed to Veterans, promising their sacrifices will be honored, their memories celebrated, and their final journey accompanied by resonant notes of gratitude.
The TAPS BUGLE-Honoring those who served.

The Taps Bugle has three goals

1. Sound indistinguishable from a live bugler

A superior instrument that utilizes updated technology in providing this military honor.  The patent pending technology excites the air from inside the  mouthpiece, and plays the bugle like a live person does with their lips.  This results in an acoustically accurate performance. Our current prototype has passed a double blind test with a live bugler and musicians trying to guess the real instrument

2. Be so simple that anyone can operate it

The sanctity of funeral ceremonies can easily be disturbed by devices that play the recording at the wrong time, the wrong track, or do not play.  The taps bugle has a volume selector, and a play button, and that is it.  The tracks are specifically designed to recreate a live bugler playing at different volumes, instead of one recording played at a different volume.  select the volume, and pres the play button and that is it

3. Never fail during a funeral

Other devices are designed to have replaceable batteries that fail for many reasons; alkaline batteries fail at low temperatures, nine volt batteries can have fluctuating voltages, and that results in a rendition of taps stopping half way through the ceremony.  Other designs have removable hardware that fall out of the bugle, or require operators to hold the devices in  a non regulation manner.

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